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Since 1994 Q-Trex entered the transportation industry as a small courier. Despite, the recession, we were able to grow into a reliable, mid-size sameday - dedicated transporter. Some of our clients include Two Major Banks, a Popular Department Store and an Auto Parts Giant.

With our modern Fleet of Vehicles, we have the capacity to handle any cargo, anywhere in North America. Our drivers are well trained and mannered and well equipped with Two Way Radios and GPS. We have contracted agreements with two of the largest couriers in the world. With their worldwide service we could take your package to  India,Africa,Europe, etc. Imagine getting your package to L.A or Red Deer, Alberta before 9:00 AM.


Our Warehouse is equipped with Drive In and Huge Dock Doors. We have a full security system with indoor and outdoor cameras. We also have patrolled security at night. On Site we have a packing area, where clients pack their crates,boxes,barrels, etc. Refreshments are provided, free of charge. Also, we are ideally located close to the airport, 401, 403, Q.E.W and Square One Shopping Centre. All advice and consultation are provided FREE OF CHARGE !

                                                         OCEAN CARGO

After, a lengthy and aggressive research, we discovered that help was needed in the Ocean Cargo Industry to the Caribbean and South America. Two areas were not being addressed - Price and Service. Despite the odds, Q-TREX, introduced Low prices and Quality service.
This changed the entire landscape in the shipping industry.With help from a strong Canadian Dollar and total support from two prominent Shipping Lines we set out to do the Transformation.

After 6 Years in the Ocean Shipping Market it is safe to say --- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We have become a household name and we proved that you do not need years of experience to offer Quality service and Affordable prices. Watch out for new and creative deals.

At Q-Trex we offer L.C.L and F.C.L service to Guyana, Caribbean, Africa, Europe and most recently, India. Twenty and Forty Feet Containers are either packed on site or at the location of your request. On Site we have tools and mechanics who package trucks,loaders,bulldozers,cars,pick-up trucks,forklifts, etc. YOU NAME IT AND WE WILL SHIP IT.

Q-Trex offers free storage (call for details) until cargo is ready to ship. We are fully insured and if necessary, additional insurance could be provided at a low cost.

Our overseas offices and agents were recruited after much research. We communicate and track shipments on a regular basis. THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DEMANDS OR CORRUPTION MADE BY OUR AGENTS AND OFFICIALS HANDLING OUR CARGO.

Recently, we purchased a huge warehouse in Guyana,South America. This new venture will assist with handling of our cargo, efficiently and less costly for consignees.NEXT VENTURE WILL BE IN KINGSTON AND MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA.

                                                        AIR CARGO

With our connections and links in the Air Cargo Industry we have worldwide service. Any Cargo, Big or Small (No Dangerous Goods) can be shipped.

Examples of work we have done:

A) Sawmiller in Guyana called on Tuesday and requested a part from McKenzie, B.C. Part was purchased and shipped. Received the following Monday.

B) Hotel in Bridgetown, Barbados needed a pallet of Ice Cream. Cargo was received the following Tuesday.

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